• General Queries

  • What is EasyCommute?

    EasyCommute is a mobile-based bus shuttle service aimed at making your daily commute easy and convenient.

  • How can I book/cancel my ride?

    Book your ride from Mobile app: bit.ly/ECMAPP Or Web portal: WEBAPP SHUTTLE Select your pick-up & drop-off stops, select the shuttle timings, pay from your wallet. You are good to go! For cancellation tap on the 'cancel ride' button in menu on the top right corner of your boarding pass.Your ride will be cancelled.

  • How can I track my shuttle?

    On your boarding pass a button is available for tracking. That should prove sufficiently helpful in tracking your bus.

  • What are EasyCommute credits?

    EasyCommute credits allow you to travel cashless. Credits can be bought online using payUmoney wallet. You can use credit card/debit card/online banking methods to recharge your wallet or earn by sharing EasyCommute. Amount once credited can not be refunded back to your back account. However in certain circumstances, a user is allowed to make a request to transfer his EasyCommute credits to another user's EasyCommute account by writing to customer care.

  • I can't see my route, What do I do?

    No worries! Just drop your suggestion in the 'Suggest Route' section and we'll try to serve you in the best way we can.

  • What should I do if I miss my shuttle?

    No worries! you can book a seat in the next possible shuttle.

  • How does Refer & Earn work?

    Earn free rides by sharing EasyCommute to your colleagues/friends using Email, whatsapp, SMS, facebook once they register. After 1 referrals we add 10 credits to your account for every referral you do.

  • In case of queries, whom should I contact?

    You can contact us by any of the means given in 'About Us' section. Our team is striving to improve your experience. We respond back at a 4-hour SLA. Write to us on care@easycommute.in Or you could reach us at 8099927902. Or you can chat with us.

  • Is there a validity on my free rides ?

    1.Free-rides allocated on or before 15th January 2019 expire on 29th February 2019. 2. Free-rides that have been allocated from 15th January to 29th February will stand expired on 15th of March. 3.Free-rides allocated on or after 1st March will be valid till 31st of March.

  • What should I do if I want to ride a shuttle on saturday/sunday?

    At present we do not have an itinerary for saturdays/sundays but we are working on it, will be adding shortly.

  • What is the cancellation policy?

    User can cancel a booking up to 60 minutes prior to the pick-up time, failing which no refund would be provided. A cancellation fee of 10 credits will be charged and the rest will be returned to your EasyCommute account as credits. EasyCommute will try its best to provide you service but due to unavoidable circumstances, if EasyCommute is not able to provide the service, the maximum liability will 105% of the charged fare for a person of that trip. However this is applicable only for the users who have availed the monthly subscription in that month. In-case of user's expenses for the cancelled trip, a reimbursement amount will be credited in his/her EasyCommute account upto the permissible limit (105% of the charged fare for a person of that trip) in form of credits. EasyCommute will not provide any reimbursement in form of cash or bank account transfer in any circumstances.

  • I am new to EasyCommute, what are the available offers for me?

    Welcome to EasyCommute! We are here to provide you a seamless, comfortable commute experience. We will automatically add credits to your wallet. Further the details will be informed to you from EasyCommute.

  • Is there any promotion which I can benefit from?

    Please write to our customer care at care AT easycommute DOT co. And our team will get back to you with details of offers beneficial to you. You could also reach us at 8099927902. Or chat with us.

  • What is the Quick Book feature?

    We allow you to save the pick up & drop off locations for the routes which you use frequently, saving your time while booking. All your saved routes can be found by clicking on “Quick Route” tab (on using app) Or section (on using website).

  • What is an EasyCommute Pass? What are its advantages?

    Our EasyCommute Pass provides a fixed number of rides (depending on the pass) to be used within the pass’s validity period. You don’t need to recharge every time you want to book a ride. Instead, you can recharge once, buy the pass & quickly book a ride at your own convenience.

  • How would you get free rides from EasyCommute?

    On referring your friend, you will get one free ride after he/she take his/her first ride with EasyCommute.

  • What are all the routes covered by EasyCommute?

    The complete list of routes covered can be found at OUR ROUTES .Clicking on any route in this page will display the list of stops/points covered by that route.

  • My Route/Commute Timings/City is not covered yet, what should I do?

    Just drop your suggestion in the Suggest Route section of www DOT easycommute DOT co and we’ll try to serve you in the best way we can.

  • Where do I see the driver/vehicle details for my booked ride?

    Driver details can be found in the booking confirmation sms & app notifications sent to you. These details can also be found in your boarding pass - which is present in “My Booking” tab of EasyCommute app Or “My Booking” section of EasyCommute Web app. Also if you are using EasyCommute app, clicking on the yellow strip on the top displays the boarding pass for the upcoming ride.

  • I successfully booked a ride but I am unable to find my booking details, Where do I look?

    All the booking details are made part of your boarding pass - which can be found at “My Booking” tab of EasyCommute app Or “My Booking” section of EasyCommute Web app. Note that the latest booking will be displayed first. Alternatively, if using EasyCommute app, click on the yellow strip on the top that displays the upcoming ride to directly open your boarding pass.

  • Where to look for details about all my bookings?

    All your bookings can be viewed at “My Booking” tab of EasyCommute app Or “My Booking” section of EasyCommute Web app. Please note that your latest bookings will be displayed first.