Revitalize Your Daily Commute with EasyCommute.

Published on May 21, 2020 by Ankit Bader on Daily Commute

post-thumb Millions of people every day around the world are forced to commute long distances for work. While some may use their commute time to catch up on sleep, most of the commuters nowadays are looking for alternate & unique ways for managing this time. Smartphones & E-book Readers are examples of gadgets which can make one's commute productive as well as enjoyable.

A.Be an actor in your narrative

Imagine picking up a new language and impressing the hell out of your friends and family... Won't you enjoy being the center of attraction in such parties? What if we told you that this can be your reality? All you need to do is find the right app & start learning while you are commuting with EasyCommute. If this feels like too much work, why not crack open a book you've been meaning to read? You might already have invested in a Kindle or a similar E-book reader device - your commute time is the time to make such devices work for you and be smart about your time. After all, time is money, much more than money.

B. Transition from personal to professional mindset
Each one of us plays multiple roles throughout the day - role of a spouse, a parent, a caregiver, an employee, a manager, a boss etc. It is important to get some time to shift from one role to another. Daily Commute time is one of the best ways and an opportunity to smoothly transition from personal to professional mindset/role. Make use of this time and rock your professional front like a boss!

C.To-Do Lists Done Right
Research shows that the people who finished making their todo list for the day on the way to office were
a. Excited about the day ahead,
b. Less anxious,
c. More satisfied with their jobs.
But, don't treat making a to-do list as a task in itself. Simply Jot down your top three to five priorities for the day. Make sure they are specific and realistic. Mark the tasks as done once completed during the day. Check the status of the to-do list at the end of day while commuting back home.

D.Your Commute Sorted ... Start Connecting now!
Call your loved ones (Family and Friends) during the commute to office and back. They play an important role in supporting us during the highs and lows of our life. Studies have even found that hearing your mother's voice can quickly calm frayed nerves and a telephone call can have the same effect as a hug. What are you waiting for? Pick up your phone and start dialing.

Follow the above practices to take a break from your usual dull commute routine. Remember ,a change allows the brain to switch gears and boost up your mental energy.
The practices listed above are far from being the only ways to enjoy your commute. Someday the best way to enjoy your commute is by sleeping and/or talking to fellow passengers. As long as one relaxes and feels happy after the commute.