Who are we!

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Daily commuting is a big challenge in India especially in metropolitan cities where people face certain challenges to travel to work which grow by every passing day due to the ever-growing industry and traffic congestion. Easy Commute is an intra-city mobile-based Bus Shuttle Service with an aim of making daily commute easy for working professionals by cutting down the frustration to stand in a bus or wait for an auto.

Easy Commute is running Mini-Bus/Maxi Cabs aggregated from travel agencies to provide daily Pick up and Drop for employees in Hyderabad & DelhiNCR with a Confirmed Seat on a very affordable price. We offer monthly basis shared cabs service to facilitate daily commuters to reach office with a comfortable journey.

Easy Commute is currently operational in Hyderabad & DelhiNCR.

    Be more productive at work with stress-free commute experience.
    Contribute to reduce Carbon footprint in the city with Easy Commute.
    Ride with Easy Commute, save your time and play a role in reducing traffic.
    Beat your boredom. Take a Nap!.

Our Team

Mayank Chawla

Founder & CEO